1. Organize In-service training programme to technical staffs working under Ministry of Agriculture Development
  2. Conduct various training on the following aspect of capacity building to technical staffs and farmers
  3. Advanced level training for senior technical officers
  4. Subject specific training programme for technical staffs
  5. Technology disseminating through multi level training programme for farmers
  6. Assess the agricultural training need in context of Nepal
  7. Design and implement the training related research and studies
  8. Design, revise and effective implementation of the agricultural training curricula
  9. Supervise, monitor and evaluate the training programs at regional and district level
  10. Support and provide technical backstopping to regional and district level organization (including I/NGOs) in planning, implementing and upgrading the agriculture training programs.
  11. Compile and publish agriculture training supportive materials (Newsletters, annual progress book, manuals, journals, etc)

DAT training courses are tailored to meet the needs of professional subject matter specialist, planners, managers and extension workers who are serving the government at center, regional and district level. The minimum duration of training course is of one week and the maximum duration is seven weeks.